our roots

Our story began when two friends, Andy and Adam, discovered an old apple orchard in Bristol that was scheduled to be torn down to make way for housing.

The pair quickly foraged the fruit from the trees, and with far too many apples to eat, the pair decided to press them to create a cider. 

The experience left them with an 'interesting' drink but more importantly, planted the roots for what would become an obsession and a quest to create our their delicious tasting ciders. 

They searched high and low until they found the some of the West Country’s finest cider apples and moved their homemade press and equipment to Granny’s outhouse, where they could perfect their craft and increase production. Thanks Gran!

Demijohns turned into barrels, which turned into 1000 litre IBC containers. When the cider was finally perfected the boys took their drink to market. 

They received high praise from friends and family, soon followed by restaurants and pubs, and quickly found themselves struggling to keep up with demand. 

Even though Scrumptious Wild will soon outgrow Granny's outhouse, a small batch will still be made there every year, as a reminder of where it all began... and to keep Gran happy.